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Eugene Alton Baker Park Sprint Training
4 Miles
A flat 4 miles throughout Alton Baker Park used as sprint training. We’ll stop several times along the Pre Trail for 200-400 meter suicide drills. Meet at the main park bathroom next to the duck pond.
West Eugene Loop
5 Miles
Meet at the South Eugene High School track. A mostly flat 4.9 mile run from the track to Amazon Park, Hendricks Park, Pre’s Rock, and Hayward field. After the group run the track and bleachers can be used for drills.
University of Oregon — Downtown — Skinners Butte
6 Miles
A nice 5.6 mile out and back run starting at University of Oregon Rec Center and heading up the hill to Skinner’s Butte.
South Eugene Hills and Amazon Parkway
7 Miles
Urban, half-road, half-trail 6.73 mile loop that gives you a chance to run up 0.7 miles one of Eugene’s steepest paved hills (N Shasta Loop) and also includes a segment of the bark dust Rexius Trail that runs along Amazon Parkway. Meet at the NW corner of Hayward Field by the entrance (15th & Agate).
10 Mile Eugene Willamette River Run
10 Miles
A gorgeous run along the Willamette River starting at Alton Baker Park, heading up the east bank and crossing at Owosso Bridge. Flat and paved path. Meet at Alton Baker Park at the base of the stairs of the foot bridge.
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