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Chris Wheatley
Awake and Ready
Redwood City, California
About Me
I've loved running since signing up for my first race in 2009 after reading Dean Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man. I spent the years following experimenting with diets and shoes and training techniques while I dabbled in monthly races ranging from 10k's to 50 milers. I was hooked. When not out running, I was reading memoirs of ultra-running greats and mapping new routes in San Francisco's Marin Headlands. If I couldn't get out on the trails on a given weekend, I'd send the new route I'd mapped to a friend for their weekend adventure. Though I love training and racing for myself, in 2015 I organized a company team to participate in an overnight 200 mile run relay. Never before had I felt so energized, engaged, and excited to be a part of an event. Planning weekly runs during lunch, or weekend meet-ups for double days, I felt fully awake. There is a magic to the simplicity of pushing one's body towards its limits in pursuit of something physical. And running is a simple pursuit. We have our watches and gear and goos and pace charts, but running is simple. The joy that it can create is profound. It's my goal to help others become awake and ready for that joy.